Ultrahigh-resolution, high-speed spectral domain optical coherence phase microscopy

Type of publication:  Artikel
Zeitschrift: Optics Letters
Band: 39
Nummer: 1
Jahr: 2014
Seiten: 45-47
Verlag: OSA
DOI: 10.1364/ol.39.000045
Abriss: We present an ultrahigh-resolution, high-speed spectral domain optical coherence phase microscopy (SD-OCPM) system that combines submicrometer transverse spatial resolution and subnanometer optical path length sensitivity, with an acquisition speed of over 217,000\&\#x2009;\&\#x2009;voxels/s. The proposed SD-OCPM system overcomes two significant drawbacks of traditional common-path interferometers\&\#x2014;limited transverse spatial resolution and suboptimal detection sensitivity\&\#x2014;while maintaining phase stability that is comparable with common-path interferometer setups. The transverse and axial spatial resolution of the setup is measured to be 0.6 and 1.9\&\#xA0;\&\#x3BC;m, respectively, with a phase sensitivity of 0.0027\&\#xA0;rad (corresponds to optical path length sensitivity of 110\&\#xA0;pm). High-speed acquisition allows for phase-sensitive 4D imaging of biological samples with subcellular resolution.
Schlagworte: Coherence imaging, Microscopy, Three-dimensional microscopy
Autoren: Ansari, Rehman
Myrtus, Christian
Aherrahrou, Redouane
Erdmann, Jeanette
Schweikard, Achim
Hüttmann, Gereon