Kinematics of a {R}obotized {O}peration {M}icroscope

Type of publication:  Artikel in einem Konferenzbericht
Buchtitel: {34th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON)}
Jahr: 2008
Seiten: 1638--1643
Ort: Orlanda, Florida, USA
Notiz: Interactive C-Arm
Querverweis: iecon_08
Abriss: We present the methods for calculating the forward and inverse kinematics of a fully motorized operation microscope. With these procedures the handling of the microscope in the surgical theatre can be facilitated. Computer-controlled positioning simplifies the pivotation around a defined focus point, improves its accuracy and makes the handling intuitive. The kinematics calculations enable new functions, such as automatic alignment of the microscope at the desired position or following a trajectory of previously chosen points.
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Autoren: Finke, Markus
Bruder, Ralf
Schweikard, Achim
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