Closed-form inverse kinematic solution for fluoroscopic {C}-arms

Type of publication:  Artikel
Zeitschrift: Advanced Robotics
Band: 21
Nummer: 8
Jahr: 2007
Monat: August
Seiten: 869--886
Notiz: Interactive C-Arm
DOI: 10.1163/156855307780851957
Abriss: This paper presents a closed-form solution to the inverse kinematic problem for general fluoroscopic C-arms. The resulting algorithm determines the necessary joint parameters for imaging a given point of interest p from a given direction z. The existence and uniqueness of the solution is proven for all p and z. The inverse kinematics lays the basis for a completely robotized C-arm. The paper describes some applications for such an automatized device and presents the first results.
Nutzerfelder: file={mbbs_07.pdf:mbbs_07.pdf:PDF}
Schlagworte: computed tomography, digital subtraction angiography, Inverse kinematics, robotized fluoroscopic C-arm
Autoren: Matthäus, Lars
Binder, Norbert
Bodensteiner, Christoph
Schweikard, Achim
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