Robust inverse kinematics by configuration control for redundant manipulators with seven DoF

Type of publication:  Artikel in einem Konferenzbericht
Publikationsstatus: Veröffentlicht
Buchtitel: IEEE 2016 2nd International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR)
Jahr: 2016
Monat: April
Seiten: 49-55
DOI: 10.1109/iccar.2016.7486697
Abriss: This paper presents an optimized, robust inverse kinematics solution in a closed form for redundant manipulators with seven degrees of freedom and zero link offsets like the KUKA LBR iiwa lightweight robot. The computation allows for full range elbow self-motion manifold control, defined by an intuitive angle parameter. Furthermore, by using common configuration parameters, all possible solutions for a single effector pose are taken into account and full arm configuration control is realized. The algorithm was evaluated looking at configuration reliability and continuity for an exemplary, challenging path. The results show that commanded arm configurations are not changing spontaneously inside a trajectory. Even for varying elbow self-motion manifold angles, the joint trajectories stay continuous and the presented algorithm provides consistent solutions. In a second evaluation, the algorithm was implemented in three programming languages and analyzed with respect to computing times. The tests demonstrate short runtimes and overall real-time capability.
Schlagworte: Aerospace electronics, arm configuration control, closed-form solution, Elbow, Inverse kinematics, kinematics, LBR iiwa, Manifolds, manipulators, redundant 7-DoF robot, Wrist
Autoren: Kuhlemann, Ivo
Schweikard, Achim
Jauer, Philipp
Ernst, Floris