Exploiting Chlorophyll Fluorescense for Building Robust low-Cost Mowing Area Detectors

Type of publication:  Artikel
Publikationsstatus: Akzeptiert
Zeitschrift: IEEE SENSORS Conference
Jahr: 2020
Seiten: 4
URL: https://ai-lab.science/wp/IEEE...
Abriss: Detecting cost-effectively and accurately the working area for autonomous lawn mowers is key for widespread automation of garden care. Therefore, we propose an active low-cost sensor approach for detecting fluorescence response. The area to be detected is illuminated by an LED and the chlorophyll fluorescence response is observed by a phototransistor. The signal from the phototransistor is further processed by a transimpedance amplifier, an amplifier and a band pass filter and forwarded to a microprocessor. By choosing only low-cost consumer products for construction, high-volume lowest cost sensors can be built. We demonstrate the feasibility of our low-cost approach by evaluating the sensor mounted on an autonomous lawn mower in a garden environment.
Autoren: Rottmann, Nils
Bruder, Ralf
Schweikard, Achim
Rueckert, Elmar