Accepted Paper at FIMH 2017

Our paper "Combining deformation modelling and machine learning for personalized prosthesis size prediction in valve-sparing aortic root reconstruction" by Jannis Hagenah, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Achim Schweikard and...[mehr]


Paper accepted at CARS 2017

Our paper "A safety module for active joint limit avoidance and intuitive hand guidance of a robotic ultrasound system" by Ivo Kuhlemann and Floris Ernst has been accepted for oral presentation at this year's CARS...[mehr]


Accepted abstracts at DGfB 2017

 Our two abstracts "An experimental method for evaluation of aortic leaflet shape models for personalized aortic valve prostheses development", Jannis Hagenah*, Tizian Evers, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Achim...[mehr]


Welcoming a new PhD student!

On October 1st, Mohammed Al-Badri started working as a PhD student. Welcome![mehr]


AAPM 2016 presentation featured on Medicalphysicsweb

Our "best-in-physics" abstract on ultrasound-guided MLC tracking for real-time motion compensation in radiation therapy presented at the AAPM meeting 2016 was featured in an online article on Medicalphysicsweb. You can...[mehr]


Accepted abstracts at EPSM 2016

Our two abstracts "Towards 6dof tracking of deformable objects for 4D ultrasound-guided radiation therapy", Svenja Ipsen*, Ralf Bruder, Achim Schweikard and "First integration of online 4D ultrasound guidance...[mehr]


Accepted paper for BMT 2016

Our conference paper "An improved tracking framework for ultrasound probe localization in image-guided radiosurgery", Svenja Ipsen*, Ralf Bruder, Philipp Jauer, Floris Ernst, Oliver Blanck and Achim Schweikard got...[mehr]


Accepted abstracts for DGMP 2016

Our two abstracts "Echtzeit-Lokalisation in simulierten und realen MRT-Daten für nicht invasive Radiochirurgie des Herzens in einem MR-Linac", Svenja Ipsen*, Nicholas Lowther, Gary Liney, Dirk Rades, Jürgen Dunst,...[mehr]


Best in Physics Award at AAPM 2016

Our abstract: Svenja Ipsen*, Ralf Bruder, Ricky O’Brien, Paul Keall, Achim Schweikard and Per Poulsen, "First Online Ultrasound-Guided MLC Tracking for Real-Time Motion Compensation in Radiotherapy" was selected for one...[mehr]


Einladung zur Antrittsvorlesung

Künstliche Intelligenz – Die Zukunft? Das Ende? Oder doch nur ein großer Hype?[mehr]