Accepted paper for EMBC'16

Our paper Jannis Hagenah*, Erik Werrmann, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Floris Ernst, and Christoph Metzner: "Prediction of Individual Prosthesis Size for Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Reconstruction Based on Geometric Features"...[mehr]


Accepted Abstracts for the AAPM 2016

Our two abstracts - "Robotic System for Ultrasound Tracking in Radiation Therapy", I. Kuhlemann, P. Jauer, A. Schweikard, and F. Ernst and - "Effect of Robot Pose On Beam Blocking for Ultrasound Guided SBRT of...[mehr]


Neuer Studiengang startet

"Robotik und Autonome Systeme" im Bachelor ab WS 2016/2017![mehr]


Frühjahrssitzung der DGMP-Regionalsektion Nord

Spannende Vorträge von Wissenschaftlern aus Lübeck und Hamburg[mehr]


Accepted paper for CARS 2016

Our paper - Stefan Gerlach, Ivo Kuhlemann, Phillip Jauer, Ralf Bruder, Floris Ernst, Christoph Fürweger, and Alexander Schlaefer: "Feasibility of robotic ultrasound guided SBRT of the prostate" has been accepted for...[mehr]


Accepted paper for ISR 2016

Our paper - Jan Grasshoff, Lasse Hansen, Ivo Kuhlemann, and Kristian Ehlers: "7DoF Hand and Arm Tracking for Teleoperation of Anthropomorphic Robots" has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 47th...[mehr]


Accepted papers for ICCAR 2016

We are pleased to announce that our papers: - Ivo Kuhlemann, Achim Schweikard, Philipp Jauer, and Floris Ernst: "Robust inverse kinematics by configuration control for redundant manipulators with seven DoF" - Ivo...[mehr]


DFG has accepted research proposal

Our joint research proposal with mtec @ TUHH has been selected for funding by the DFG (German Research Foundation).  The proposal deals with collaborative robotics for ultrasound guided radiation therapy. For more...[mehr]


Accepted article at the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics

Our journal paper: Enhanced Optical Head Tracking for Cranial Radiotherapy: Supporting Surface Registration by Cutaneous Structures (Tobias Wissel, Patrick Stüber, Benjamin Wagner, Ralf Bruder, Christian...[mehr]


Save the date

Dr. Christoph Metzner will talk about 'Neural Coding in the Olfactory System' on 18th February 2016, 14.00h s.t., seminar room 2/3 (Cook and Karp), ground floor, building 64. [mehr]