Accepted journal paper in Neuroscience

Our journal paper: Transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals complex cognitive control representations in the rostral frontal cortex (J. Bahlmann, I. Beckmann, I. Kuhlemann, A. Schweikard, and T. Münte) has been accepted for...[mehr]


Accepted journal paper in Radiotherapy and Oncology

Our journal paper: A comparison of two clinical correlation models used for real-time tumor tracking of semi-periodic motion: A focus on geometrical accuracy in lung and liver cancer patients (K. Poels, J. Dhonta, D. Verellen,...[mehr]


New member at Institute for Robotics

We welcome our new member Svenja Ipsen. She will work on Ultrasound Guided Radiation Therapy.[mehr]


Accepted paper for presentation at DEGRO 2015

The paper: Dosimetrischer Einfluss von residualen Trackingfehlern in der robotergestützten Radiochirurgie von Lebertumoren (O. Blanck, M. Grehn, S. Wurster, G. Hildebrandt, J. Dunst, F.A. Siebert, A. Schweikard, and F....[mehr]


Drittmittelantrag bewilligt

Die AiF hat unseren Forschungsantrag zur Entwicklung eines humanen tACs-Stimulators bewilligt[mehr]


Accepted paper for oral presentation at CARS 2015

The paper: Enhanced Tissue Thickness Computation by Exploiting Local Neighborhoods (T. Wissel, P. Stüber, B. Wagner, R. Bruder, A. Schweikard, and  F. Ernst) was accepted for an oral presentation at the CARS 2015...[mehr]


Accepted paper at ISBI 2015

The paper: Ray Interpolation for Generic Triangulation Based on a Galvanometric Laser Scanning System (B. Wagner, P. Stüber, T. Wissel, R. Bruder, A. Schweikard, F. Ernst) was accepted for presentation at ISBI 2015.[mehr]


Accepted paper for presentation at BVM 2015

The paper: Calibration of Galvanometric Laser Scanners using Statistical Learning Methods (S. Lüdtke, B. Wagner, R. Bruder, P. Stüber, F. Ernst, A. Schweikard, and T. Wissel) was accepted for an oral presentation at the BVM...[mehr]


Accepted paper for presentation at SPIE BiOS 2015

The paper: Analysis of Feature Stability for Laser-based determination of Tissue Thickness (F. Ernst, A. Schweikard, P. Stüber, R. Bruder, B. Wagner, T. Wissel) was accepted for an oral presentation at the SPIE...[mehr]


Accepted journal paper in TBME

Our journal paper: Multi-Task Gaussian Processes for Multivariate Physiological Time-Series Analysis  (R. Dürichen, M.A.F. Pimentel, L. Clifton, A. Schweikard, and D.A. Clifton) has been accepted for publication in...[mehr]