Neuer Studiengang startet

"Robotik und Autonome Systeme" im Bachelor ab WS 2016/2017![mehr]


Frühjahrssitzung der DGMP-Regionalsektion Nord

Spannende Vorträge von Wissenschaftlern aus Lübeck und Hamburg[mehr]


Accepted paper for CARS 2016

Our paper - Stefan Gerlach, Ivo Kuhlemann, Phillip Jauer, Ralf Bruder, Floris Ernst, Christoph Fürweger, and Alexander Schlaefer: "Feasibility of robotic ultrasound guided SBRT of the prostate" has been accepted for...[mehr]


Accepted paper for ISR 2016

Our paper - Jan Grasshoff, Lasse Hansen, Ivo Kuhlemann, and Kristian Ehlers: "7DoF Hand and Arm Tracking for Teleoperation of Anthropomorphic Robots" has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 47th...[mehr]


Accepted papers for ICCAR 2016

We are pleased to announce that our papers: - Ivo Kuhlemann, Achim Schweikard, Philipp Jauer, and Floris Ernst: "Robust inverse kinematics by configuration control for redundant manipulators with seven DoF" - Ivo...[mehr]


DFG has accepted research proposal

Our joint research proposal with mtec @ TUHH has been selected for funding by the DFG (German Research Foundation).  The proposal deals with collaborative robotics for ultrasound guided radiation therapy. For more...[mehr]


Accepted article at the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics

Our journal paper: Enhanced Optical Head Tracking for Cranial Radiotherapy: Supporting Surface Registration by Cutaneous Structures (Tobias Wissel, Patrick Stüber, Benjamin Wagner, Ralf Bruder, Christian...[mehr]


Save the date

Dr. Christoph Metzner will talk about 'Neural Coding in the Olfactory System' on 18th February 2016, 14.00h s.t., seminar room 2/3 (Cook and Karp), ground floor, building 64. [mehr]


Wir gratulieren...

Wir gratulieren Floris Ernst zu seiner erfolgreichen Habilitation![mehr]


Podiumsdiskussion: Ethik in der Künstlichen Intelligenz

Das Institut für Robotik und Kognitive Systeme veranstaltete in Zusammenarbeit mit der Graduiertenschule "Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences" am Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015 eine Podiumsdiskussion zu dem Thema...[mehr]