Minister of Economy and Technology Handed Over Grant Letter for OLRIM

An Open Lab for Robotics and Imaging in Industry and Medicine (OLRIM) has been established at the Institute of Robotics and Cognitive Systems and the Institute of Medical Engineering at the University of Lübeck. On May 2, 2019,...[mehr]


Paper published in Radiology and Oncology

As co-author, ROB researcher Floris Ernst's paper was published in the Journal of Radiology and Oncology, presenting a new methord for in-vivo-accuracy analysis of dose-delivery with active motion-management (gating/tracking) in...[mehr]


Thomas Fredenhagen Prize goes to Floris Ernst

Congrats to ROB researcher Floris Ernst who received the Young Researcher Award of the Thomas Fredenhagen Prize sponsored by the Hans-Henrich Otte Foundation and the Kaufmannschaft zu Lübeck. Prof. Ernst was selected by the jury...[mehr]


Loomo on stage at Big-Data.AI Summit

In collaboration with IBM, ROB researcher Nils Rottmann and students will make a demo of the Loomo - a personal guidance robot in hospital at the Big-Data-AI Summit on April 10-11, 2019 in...[mehr]


Project Presentation at Robert Bosch Foundation by Elmar

ROB researcher Elmar Rückert was invited to present his project proposal in the jury meeting at the Robert Bosch Foundation on April 4, 2019.Title of talk: Autonome Elektrofahrzeuge als urbane Lieferantenwww.bosch-stiftung.de[mehr]


Invited talk by Elmar Rückert at University of Stuttgart

ROB researcher Elmar Rückert was invited for a talk at University of Stuttgart on April 3, 2019.Title of talk: Neural Network implementations of the Probabilistic Inference Tasks Planning, MPC and online AdaptationHost: Jim...[mehr]


Invited talk by Sven Böttger at 136. Kongress Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

ROB researcher Sven Böttger was invited for a talk at the 136. Kongress Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie.Date: March 27, 2019Time: 10:30Location: ICM, MunichID: 563  -  Vortragszeit: 10min, Diskussionszeit:...[mehr]


Demo at Norddeutsche Gefäßtage 2019

ROB researchers Floris Ernst and Sven Böttger made a demo of the robotic ultrasound system with the Panda robot at the Norddeutsche Gefäßtage in Lübeck on March 22, 2019.[mehr]


New video about augmented reality application

ROB student Stamatis Risto presented his work "Development of HoloLens Mount for Third-Person Perspective and Augmented Reality Application for Endovascular Aortic Repair Procedures" at the Studierendentagung 2019...[mehr]