Nils Rottmann, Smart Sensor, Navigation and Learning Strategies for low-cost Lawn Care Systems attachment
Jannis Hagenah, Pseudohealthy Synthesis for Personalized Cardiovascular Prosthesis Shaping attachment


Svenja Ipsen, See what you treat – 4D ultrasound imaging for real-time motion compensation in the liver attachment
Ivo Kuhlemann, Methods for Quasi-Static Tasks with Redundant Manipulators - Advances in Kinematics, Dexterity and Sensitivity attachment


Philipp Jauer, Physikalisch motivierte Punktwolkenregistrierung: Entwurf und Evaluierung eines neuen Konzepts zur effizienten Registrierung von Punktwolken attachment


Patrick Stüber, An Experimental Concept for a Laser Based Tissue Thickness Estimation attachment
Tiberiu Viulet, An interactive approach to localised dose planning for radiotherapy attachment


Tobias Wissel, Tissue Thickness Estimation from Backscattered Light: A Novel Concept for Optical Head Tracking in Radiotherapy attachment
Robert Dürichen, From univariate to multivariate respiratory motion compensation: a Bayesian way to increase treatment accuracy in robotic radiotherapy attachment
Benjamin Wagner, Structured light for head tracking in radiation therapy attachment


Christoph Metzner, Centre-surround suppression: computational modelling and neural and perceptual correlates in humans attachment
Osama Shahin, Minimally invasive navigated liver intervention: ultrasound-guided surgery and ablation validation attachment


Fernando Javier Gasca Buitrón, Model-based improvements for focal transcranial stimulation attachment


Lars Richter, Safe and clinically applicable robotized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation attachment
Markus Finke, Entwicklung eines chirurgischen Assistenzsystems auf Basis eines motorisierten OP-Mikroskops attachment
Maximilian Heinig, Design and evaluation of the motor assisted robotic stereotaxy system MARS attachment
Volker Martens, Entwurf und Entwicklung eines Assistenzsystems für die laparoskopische Leberchirurgie attachment


Floris Ernst, Algorithms for Compensation of Quasi-periodic Motion in Robotic Radiosurgery attachment


Lukas Ramrath, Design of a surgical robot and brain exploration framework for small animal stereotaxy attachment
Lars Mattäus, A robotic assistance system for transcranial magnetic stimulation and its application to motor cortex mapping attachment
Christoph Bodensteiner, Röntgenbasierte Bildgebung mittels eines roboterisierten C-Bogen-Systems attachment


Alexander Schlaefer, Computer assisted planning for robotic radiosurgery attachment
Norbert Binder, Realisierung eines robotischen Röntgen C-Bogens: technische Umsetzung und Applikationen attachment