Nils Rottmann, M. Sc.

Research Assistant

Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck
Building 64, Room 89 (GF)

Phone: +49 451 31015222
Fax: +49 451 31015204
Nils Rottmann

Short Biography

In 2017, Nils Rottmann received his M.Sc. in Theoretical Mechanical Engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology. During his studies he spent research stays at the UNESP in Ilha Solteira, Brazil, and at the Tecnico Lisboa, Portugal. In January 2018, he joined the Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems at the University of Lübeck as a Research Associate. The focus of his work lies on autonomous systems.

Research Interests

Dynamics and control for autonomous systems

Localization, navigation, sensor fusion

Machine learning

Modeling and simulation




Nils Rottmann, Ralf Bruder, Achim Schweikard and Elmar Rueckert, Cataglyphis ant navigation strategies solve the global localization problem in robots with binary sensors, Prague, Czech Republic, Proceedings of International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing (BIOSIGNALS), 2019