Journal Club | Master Seminar / CS5840

Course contents

Keeping up with the latest research is important for scientists so let's start with this journal club where we will meet to discuss some scientific papers regarding tracking systems, augmented reality, intraoperative imaging, 3D printing and image processing. We will learn how to read scientific papers, not forgetting their critical evaluation. Keep in mind that learning about the selected topic is not the key point of this course, rather, critical reading of research papers.


  • Structure of scientific articles (IMRD).
  • How to read scientific articles (critical point of view).
  • Other useful information (brief):
    • Scientific databases.
    • Research impact metrics.
    • Reference management software.
    • Process of publishing an article in a peer-review journal.

Qualification objectives / competences

  • Understanding of the structure of scientific articles.
  • Discussion of scientific articles to find the strengths and limitations of those studies.
  • Development of critical thinking skills for evaluating literature and assessing their own writing.
  • Learn how to search for scientific articles.
  • Learn how to look for research impact metrics.
  • Learn the importance of reference management software.
  • Learn the process of publishing articles in peer-review journals to understand the work behind a scientific article.

Further information

  • Preliminary meetings (winter semester): 24.07.2019 & 16.10.2019, 12:30 - 13:15, room 64 - Besprechungsraum (Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems, Building 64, ground floor).
  • Course overview.
  • Moodle link.

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