Jingyang Xie, M. Sc.


Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck
Gebäude 64, Raum 86 (EG)

Telefon: +49 451 31015217
Fax: +49 451 31015204


In mid-2020, Jingyang Xie received his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Southwest Jiaotong University, focusing on the adaptability of lower limb prosthesis. He has joined the Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems at the University of Lübeck as a PhD student from the end of 2020. Currently, the focus of his work is cardiac radiosurgery.


  • Medical image processing
  • Cardiac radiosurgery




Chengxiong Lin, Wei Liu, Jingyang Xie and Wei Li, Hardness properties of pig esophagus at nanoscale using atomic force microscopy (2021), in: Journal of Medical Biomechanics, 36:1(68-72)
Jingyang Xie, Xidong Liu, Jianhua Tang, Xi Li and Wei Li, Study on friction behavior at the interface between prosthetic socket and liner (2021), in: Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics


Chengxiong Lin, Jingyang Xie and Wei Li, Measuring the micromechanical properties of esophageal mucosa with atomic force microscopy (2020), in: Biosurface and Biotribology, 6:4(97-103)
Chengxiong Lin, Wei Liu, Jingyang Xie, Wei Li and Zhongrong Zhou, The Lubricating Function of Mucin at the Gastroscope Device-Esophagus Interface (2020), in: Tribology Letters, 68:3(1-10)