Rescue Robotics – RO5801


  • Special requirements for disaster relief operations
  • Information infrastructure for rescue systems
  • Information exchange between rescue robots
  • Command and control systems for search and rescue robots
  • Tactical communication for cooperative SAR robot missions and interoperability in a heterogeneous team
  • Design guidelines for human interfaces for rescue robots
  • Detection of victims and life signs in rescue scenarios
  • On-site medicine and determination of vital signs
  • Evaluation and benchmarks of SAR robots

Qualification-goals / Competencies

  • The students master tools for programming and simulation of mobile rescue robots. They have a good overview in mobile robotics, localization and path planning in difficult scenarios.
  • Students have an insight into the work and command structures of rescue teams. They know the requirements for the control of rescue robots and the communication and interaction with the rescue forces. 
  • The students have an insight into the medical first aid provided by rescue forces, as well as technical solutions for locating missing persons, determining vital signs and medical care on site.