Four accepted papers at CURAC 2020!

Our ROB researchers submitted four papers for presentation at CURAC 2020 that were all accepted. The conference will take place in Hamburg from 17.09.-19.09.2020

  1. Svenja Ipsen*, Sven Boettger, Holger Schwegmann, Floris Ernst - "Target tracking accuracy and latency with different 4D ultrasound systems – A robotic phantom study"
  2. Felix von Haxthausen, Jannis Hagenah, Mark Kaschwich, Markus Kleemann, Verónica García-Vázquez, Floris Ernst - "Robotized Ultrasound Imaging of the Peripheral Arteries - a Phantom Study"
  3. Yenjung Chen, Nilay Yatinkumar Shah, Subhra Sundar Goswami, Annkristin Lange, Felix von Haxthausen, Malte Maria Sieren, Jannis Hagenah, Floris Ernst, Verónica García Vázquez - "Localization of endovascular tools in X-ray images using a motorized C-arm: Visualization on HoloLens"
  4. Verónica García-Vázquez, Florian Matysiak, Sonja Jäckle, Tim Eixmann, Malte Maria Sieren, Felix von Haxthausen, Floris Ernst - "Catheter pose-dependent virtual angioscopy images for endovascular aortic
    repair: Validation with a VGA camera"