ROB Lübeck acts as partner in the BMBF-funded Competence Center: Aufbau des Deutschen Rettungsrobotik-Zentrums (A-DRZ)

Over the next four years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will fund the establishment of a new competence centre for robot systems in environments which are dangerous for humans. Numerous partners from hazard prevention, research and industry will participate in the establishment of the German Rescue Robotics Centre (Aufbau des Deutschen Rettungsrobotik Zentrums or A-DRZ) located in Dortmund and will jointly launch the project on 6 December 2018. 

The establishment of the A-DRZ Competence Centre is intended to promote the use of robot systems in civil terrestrial emergency response in hostile environments. The four guiding scenarios of fire, collapse & burial, detection of hazardous substances and flooding as well as the resulting challenges for rescue robotics form the basis for the research. Among other things, a so-called Living Lab will be set up for this purpose, i.e. a laboratory with an attached test site, in which solutions for supporting rescue robots can be experimented and tested in realistic test environments.

ROB Lübeck acts as research partner in this important competence center.

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