Three Papers accepted at CARS 2022

For the Conference on Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) 2022 taking place June, 7 - 11 in Tokyo, the papers of our researchers Niclas Bockelmann, Felix von Haxthausen and Daniel Wulff were accepted.

  1. Niclas Bockelmann, Daniel Schetelig, Denise Kesslau, Steffen Buschschlüter, Floris Ernst and Matteo Mario Bonsanto - "Towards Intraoperative Tissue Classification: Exploiting Signal Feedback from an Ultrasonic Aspirator for Brain Tissue Differentiation"
  2. Felix von Haxthausen, Rafael Moreta-Martinez, Alicia Pose Díez de la Lastra, Javier Pascau and Floris Ernst - "UltrARsound: In-situ visualisation of live ultrasound images using HoloLens 2"
  3. Daniel Wulff, Jannis Hagenah and Floris Ernst - "Landmark Tracking in 4D Ultrasound using Generalized Representation Learning"